Lower Hackberry Slot Canyon

Looking for a desert hike with solitude and scenery while leaving the masses of Antelope Canyon behind . . . consider Lower Hackberry Slot Canyon, an underrated gem amongst the plethora of hiking options in Southern Utah.  This section of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument offers a staggeringly diverse amount of terrain to explore. The Cottonwood Road is a graded gravel byway that takes you from US 89 up to Kodachrome Basin State Park.  When dry, this road is very passable to just about any type of passenger vehicle.  When wet, not so much for any type of vehicle.

The trailhead for Lower Hack Berry Slot Canyon is about 14 miles north of US 89, crossing desolate plains before dropping down into the Paria River valley.  We find this web site to be a great resource for directions.  The trailhead also serves Yellow Rock, the big round formation in the first picture of the above gallery.

Hackberry Creek runs shallow and meanders from wall to wall without impeding your progress.  Some minor route finding is needed from the trailhead, basically, scramble down the dirt slope, following the foot prints across Cottonwood Creek, looking for the wide canyon opening, forward and slightly to your right.  The canyon closes in on you quickly with lush vegetation on both sides.

For a day trip from BaseCamp37°, Hackberry pairs nicely with the Cottonwood NarrowsParia Toadstools and/or with Lower and Upper Catstair Slot Canyons. The latter hikes are great options when traveling to/from Page, Arizona as well.