We've learned a thing or two about building tents

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="http://www.basecamp37.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/724-Tent-Construction-Lapse-Short.mp4"][/video]  

We compare tent building with trying to beach a two person kayak on the beach with waves crashing around, if you aren't both going in the exact same direction at the exact same time, you can count on tipping over and getting lambasted by the rock hard boat when the waves push it into your body broadside.

This video is from late July 2017, when we built our Josey Wales Tent, the fourth such structure we have put up at BaseCamp37°.  This is first one that went up smoothly without a loud curse word being uttered.  We were done with the kayak slapping us upside the head, and took the time to discuss a plan and recall all the lessons we learned from constructing the other three tents.

When we started this process in earnest in July 2016, we figured selecting and purchasing a tent would be among the easiest tasks. Not so fast, wanna be innkeepers.  Countless google searches ended with more questions than answers.  We wanted someone to hold our hand and make sure we ordered the right tent, one that can withstand the weather, one with the look we wanted, and of course, one within our budget. Davis Tent and Awning came to our rescue and guided us through the process.

The wood platforms are 14' by 24', giving us an 8' deck in front of each tent, with about 4' of that deck space covered by an awning.  We took the easy way out and had Davis Tents to cut the metal poles for us, the shipping cost more, but that saved us from the proverbial "we didn't have time to do it right, but did have time to do it 2 times, or 3, or..."

All told, the above video compresses about 90 minutes of work down to ten seconds for the Instagram generation.