What time is it anyway?

Most guests to BaseCamp37° ask the same question shortly after arrival, "What time is it here ?  The sign at the entrance says "Entering Pacific Time Zone", but I'm pretty sure I'm still in Utah, and my phone keeps going back and forth between two different times, what gives?" BaseCamp37° is located just a few hundred meters from the 37th parallel, which divides states and time zones, thus your phone will constantly go back and forth between Utah Time and Arizona Time.

With Arizona staying on Mountain Standard time all year long, that state effectively joins the Pacific Time Zone from early spring until late autumn.


We observe Pacific Daylight Time, because it suits our needs for the most time sensitive activities.   No one wants to be too early or late for a flight out of Vegas or Phoenix, and you also want to be on time for your Antelope Canyon tour or boat rental in Page, Arizona.  In addition, we prefer to think of TV in Pacific Times.  NFL starts ay 10am or 1pm, Survivor comes on at 8pm, you get the idea.

Aside from The Wave Lottery, a reservation at The Rocking V Cafe, or a local adventure booked with Dreamland Safari Tours,  most activities are not that time sensitive in Southern Utah.  We think of it as "Desert Time", you come/go as it suits you, or the weather dictates.   FYI, The Wave lottery is 9am Mountain/8am Pacific, The Rocking V can be reached at 435-644-8001 , and you'll pass right by Dreamland Safari Tours when you leave US 89 while heading towards BaseCamp37°.